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A Day in the Life of Your Customer

Roy Barnes, Founder @ BlueSpace, Author, “Customer Experience for Dummies”

Creating Value through Customer Experience

Reginald Chapman, Senior Director, Customer Experience @ Bloom Energy

Disrupting the Customers’ Journey

Andy Yasutake, Director, Global Technology Solutions and Operations @ LinkedIn

Customer Intelligence

Charles Lafage, Sr. Manager, Marketing Enablement Analytics @ Autodesk

Voice of Customer Excellence

Liz Polk Lynch, Global Digital Commerce & CX @ Autodesk

Mastering Customer Behavioral Analysis

Raj Sen, Group Manager, Customer Analytics @ Adobe

Exceptional UX & CX Design

Mia Dand, CEO @

The Journey to Highly Effective Program Optimization

Brian Border, Senior Director, CRM Marketing @ Shutterfly

Customer Relationship Measuring & Monitoring

Jessica Ma, Director, Digital Marketing @ PwC

Customer Experience Mindset

Stephen Riley, Principal Consultant @ Riley CX & Design

WOM-Driven Customer Loyalty

Simmi Kokal, Senior Director, Customer Experience – Business Systems @ Yahoo!

Location Based Analytics & Customer Visualization

Kevin Potcner, Principal @ Expectation Labs