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Opening Address: A Day in the Life of Your Customer - Knowing customer behaviors and motivations to win and keep business

Roy Barnes, President @ BlueSpace, Author, “Customer Experience for Dummies”

Keynote: Strategic Foresight & Innovation - Innovative approach to discovering, exploring, mapping and creating the future

Yvette Montero Salvetico, Partner @ Kedge

Keynote: Designing Great Product Experiences Integrating your customer experience intent into product and service development

Cynthia Gage Kellam, Global Director of Brand and Digital Experience @ TE Connectivity

Product Roadmapping & Vision Planning - Drive your product where you actually want it to go

Nancy Bucerri, Senior Director of Product Marketing @ ZeOmega

Experience Design - Meeting the needs of the customer and the company (Session A)

Product Management & Innovation Strategy Mapping - The power of knowing how it all fits together (Session B)

Ken Kring, Director of Product Development @ Sears Holding, Corp

The New Customer Loyalty - An analytical approach to measuring and evaluating the full value of your customers

David Robbins, Global Director, Customer Satisfaction & Experience @ GfK

Product Launch Planning & Optimization - Practices in order to identify potential launch pitfalls and highlights of successful launches

Meena Shah, Program Consultant, Science & Technology CoE @ DuPont

Customer Care Transformation - Empowering the front lines to effect change and “make” the customer experience

Jay Bolling, CEO @ PulseCX

Strategic Product Management - Align product initiatives to business strategy for buy-in and optimal resource allocation

Pete Borowsky, Vice President of Product @ Clutch Holdings

VoC & Experience Optimization - Holistic, real-time customer measurement and optimizing against satisfaction and lifetime value (Session A)

Customer Experience Management Framework - Delivering customer experience excellence and extracting maximum value from customer relationships (Session B)

Kerri Drozd, Manager, Customer Advisory & KPMG Vamsi Duvvuri, Director, Customer Advisory @ KPMG

Leveraging Customer Insights & Analytics - Utilize big data to for actionable insights by monitoring and measuring key customer metrics

Arun Kumar, Group Director @ Razorfish

Opening Address: Real-Time Feedback to Drive Innovation - Product development and innovation through real time customer feedback and insights

Marcus Tewksbury, Chief Technology Officer @ mobywize

Growth Strategies Across the Product Lifecycle - Evaluate how lifecycle stages impact marketing decision making and brand growth

Bob Clark, Vice President, Brand & Marketing @ Herr Foods

Customer Experience Journey Mapping - Develop useful diagrams that map step-by-step customer touch points

Rama Mahajanam, Customer Experience Leader @ GE Power & Water

Kipp, Liesel.jpg

Product Optimization through Test & Learn - A fact-based approach to optimizing product features through real-world testing

Liesel Kipp, Vice President, Product Management @ Scripps Networks

Integrated Productization & Innovation - Bridging the gap between customers and R&D

Karen Lee Coyle, Product Director, VantagePoint Portfolio of Solutions @ Unisys

Decision-Based Customer Experience - Align content & conversations to key decisions in buyer’s journey for greater success

Mario A. Castano, Vice President, eCommerce Implementation @ Lenox