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Friday, September 16

Opening Keynote  -  8:30am

Experience-Driven Product Planning

roy Barnes - Founder @ BlueSpace, Author "Customer Experience for Dummies"

Please contact Roy Barnes for slide deck @

Keynote  -  9:30am

Growth Strategies Across the Product LifeCycle

Bob Clark - VP, Marketing @ Herr's


Operationalizing Product Management

Chris Benedetto @ Pegasystems

Personas and Journey Mapping

Roy Barnes @ BlueSpace

Please contact Roy Barnes for slide deck @


Product Launch Planning

Meena Shah @ DuPont

Product Management In an Open Source World

Jeff Sposetti @ Hortonworks

Closing Keynote  -  2:15pm

Product Management & Business Strategy Mapping

Ken Kring - Payer Marketing @ Walgreen's, Author "Business Strategy Mapping"