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We’re serious about value

Delegates make attendance at our best practice strategy events a priority each year for different reasons, but all leave with the satisfaction of true learning and networking in a sales-pitch free environment.  It is our mission to ensure that the agenda is filled with expert presenters delivering best practices, innovative methodology and real world, case study material that will result in tangible value.

Networking is key to experience

Often times the greatest value is derived from new relationships.  With hundreds of attendees each year, access to practitioners from different product and industry backgrounds is unrivaled.  We take on-site networking very seriously with both ample networking breaks throughout the day and a reception to continue conversations on themes from the event.


Who Presents?

Authors, Executives and Business Leaders, Thought leaders and innovators are featured from a breadth of industries and backgrounds.  We are in our eighth year and have established great relationships with true pioneers in the field.  Additionally, we are continuously interviewing practitioners who have something to share.

Who Attends?

 Business people, both junior and senior.  No matter where you are in your career one thing is for certain, staying abreast of current trends and innovations helps with maintaining the edge needed for competitive advantage.  Sessions vary in sophistication to address the needs and interests of all attendees.