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Keynote: Strategic Foresight and Analytics Data-driven approach to discovering, exploring, mapping and creating the future

Presenter: Yvette Montero Salvatico, Futurist and Partner at Kedge, LLC

Workforce Intelligence No More Enigma – How to ignite the analytics engine in HR

Presenter: Arun Chidambaram, Director of Global Workforce Intelligence at Pfizer

HR Analytics and The Future of HR at Rackspace Building an invaluable asset from scratch — how to create and sustain a workforce analytics function over time

Presenter: Robert Lanning, Senior Dapifer of HR Research, Insights, and Analytics at Rackspace

Workforce Insights to Sustainable Change How Workforce Insight can be Packaged and Communicated to Inspire Meaningful, Lasting Change

Presenter: Chris Broderick, Director, HR, Workforce Analytics & Consulting at IBM

People Operations: The Future of HR Leverage a data driven framework to transform HR decision making into analytics based people operations

Presenter: Brooke Horan, CoE Lead, HR, Workforce Planning & Operations at Jabil

Opening Address: Enterprise Analytics CoE Develop an enterprise analytics center of excellence to drive business decision making and growth

Presenter: Carl Johan Nakamura, Head, Chief Data Officer at Cerner

Evidence-Based Decision Making Transition data into meaningful strategic and tactical insights

Presenter: Al Adamsen, Founder & Executive Director at Talent Strategy Institute

The Future of Work and the Role of Big Data Investigate Big Data in the talent domain – will it matter and, if so, how?

Presenter: Ken Kring, Author & Director at Sears Holdings Corporation